Getting close and Personal. Each night I would have the same dream, I was four years old, lying awake, afraid to fall asleep, afraid to enter that inevitable landscape.  The ground surface was uniformly smooth, formed of dense iron plates extending to a featureless horizon line.  Roaring from this iron ground and billowing all around me were huge columns of flame, the sky low and dull with black smoke.  I knew I must escape but each time that I began to run a massive caisson of steel would crash to the ground and encircle me – I looked up at…


Nigel Helyer (a.k.a. Dr Sonique) is an Australian based Sculptor and Sound Artist with an international reputation for his large-scale sonic installations, environmental sculpture works and new media projects. His practice is actively inter-disciplinary linking creative practice with scientific research and development.  Recent activities include; the development of a ‘Virtual Audio Reality’ system in collaboration with Lake Technology (Sydney) and the ongoing ‘AudioNomad’ research project in location sensitive Environmental Audio at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. He is an honorary faculty member in Architectural Acoustics at the University of Sydney and…


Latest Project
  • Sounds and Sweet Airs
    Sounds and Sweet Airs

    Sounds and Sweet Airs is part of a long-term web project Soniferous Cities; Islands of Sound that experiments with the creation of sonic cartographies. The project which is part of the Öres21 Summer Exhibition aims to create rich interactive audio-portraits of a range of geographies, environments an…

  • Freeze Frame
    Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame is a novel that explores the relationship between Cinema and the Afterlife. Set in a ‘soft’ post environmental apocalypse the narrative features a set of semi-feral youths who also happen to be avid Cinephiles who attend the last functioning Cinema in the world. The Orpheum…

  • A Specialist Mentoring Opportunity.
    A Specialist Mentoring Opportunity.

    The Offer. A Specialist Mentoring Opportunity – Sound-Art, Acoustic Ecology, and Art and the Environment. For the coming year I shall be offering a mentorship programme in the areas of Sound-Art, Acoustic Ecology, and Art and the Environment. I hope to provide a weekly one hour online session…