Tag: research and development

  • Culturescape.


    Where Science Meets Art – the CultureScape book. Finally the book detailing the four year When Science meets Art research project has been published. You can read a version of the Culturescape book here. The beautifully illustrated hardcopy version is available via the Bundanon Trust online shop.

  • Landscape/Portrait


    An exhibition at the Macquarie University Gallery (March ~ May 2017) exploring the Shoalhaven River Valley.    

  • Under the Icecap

    Under the IceCap. Dr. Nigel Llwyd William Helyer and Dr. Mary-Anne Lea Maquarie University & University of Tasmania Contact: Dr. Helyer https://www.sonicobjects.com Contact: Dr Mary-Anne Lea http://www.imas.utas.edu.au/people/profiles/current-staff/mary-anne-lea Abstract. Under the IceCap is one of a series of creative outcomes resulting from the Bio_Logging Art + Science project  at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic…

  • AudioNomad Treatments

    Four brief ‘Treatments’ representing user experiences for AudioNomad mobile locations sensitive augmented audio systems.

  • Some approaches to Sound and Listening.

    My practice has a pluralistic approach to the sonic domain and embraces several strands of conceptual and technological development.  These in turn are manifest in a variety of modes, which range from gallery based interactive works, to environmental public sound works to Research and Development programmes in spatially located immersive soundscapes. As an introduction this…