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  • Culturescape.


    Where Science Meets Art – the CultureScape book. Finally the book detailing the four year When Science meets Art research project has been published. You can read a version of the Culturescape book here. The beautifully illustrated hardcopy version is available via the Bundanon Trust online shop.

  • SPPS


    SPPS_for ISEA Papers:s

  • The Deluge Ark(ive)

    The Deluge Ark(ive)

    The Deluge Ark(ive). The Deluge Ark(ive) exhibition comprises an exhibition, the launch of an Artist’s book and a performance event at the new Moonah Arts Centre in Hobart, Tasmania (16th November to the 16th December 2017). The project arose in a curious manner.  Some three years ago I was engaged by Sabanci University in Istanbul…

  • BioPods_V2 The Nebuchadnezzar Suite

    BioPods_V2; The Nebuchadnezzar Suite is the second contribution from the Where Science Meets Art ARC project to the Bundanon Trust SiteWorks programme.  The thematic for Siteworks 2015 is Feral and the three Biomorphic sculptures can be considered as Biology turned feral as Sculpture or naturally Sculpure turned feral as Biology.   The works on the…

  • BioPod

    The BioPods project was developed for the Bundanon Trust annual Siteworks 2014 festival but is also the debut project of When Art meets Science a three year ARC (Australian Research Council) project conducted between the artist and cultural and environmental researchers at Macquarie University; with The Bundanon Trust and the Australia Council for the Arts…

  • Songs from the UnderWorld_v3

    Songs UnderWorld_V3 at the siva)(zona a.k.a. grey) (area Space for contemporary and media art, Korčula, Croatia. Songs from the UnderWorld has entered its third reincarnation at the siva)(zona gallery, Korčula, Croatia. The work continues to examine the issue of death from the perspective of the myth of Orpheus and his journey into the Underworld and…

  • Breathless; Take a Deep Breath

    Take a Deep Breath; Breathless My creative practice is increasingly focussed upon bringing together the physical and ecological environments together with our social and cultural contexts. Using the media of multichannel sound installation; data sonification and sonic cartography these hybrid works are designed to create new forms of sonic space in which it is possible…

  • Float like a Butterfly; Sting like a Bee


  • Supereste ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) ut Supereste

    Supereste ut Pugnatis (Fight to Live) was the motto of the Chemical Defence Establishment* and is the metaphorical banner of a work developed for the SemiPermeable+ exhibition mounted by SymbioticA at the PowerHouse Museum, Sydney as part of ISEA2013. The work examines the intersection between the Visual Arts and Bio-Sciences and focusses upon the development…

  • Songs from the UnderWorld_V2