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  • The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past.

    The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past.

    The exhibition The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past is the outcome of an Artist in Residence with the Broken Hill City Art Gallery undertaken during 2021 and 2022 (with several interruptions by Covid19). The project builds on my longstanding relationship with the mining boom town and its layered history. The project –…

  • Sonus Maris

    Sonus Maris

    The Brain is wider than the Sky For put them side by side The one the other will contain With ease and You, beside The Brain is deeper than the sea For hold them Blue to Blue The one the other will absorb As Sponges, Buckets do The Brain is just the weight of God…

  • Two Islands

    Two Islands

    [slider id=”two_islands”] Two Islands, Franklin Square. [dropcap character=”T”]his public art project was developed with the aim of representing the tangible and intangible layers of history and meaning in Franklin Square. The project was commissioned by the City of Hobart and was inaugurated in November 2018 after a three year development and building programme that included…

  • Landscape/Portrait


    An exhibition at the Macquarie University Gallery (March ~ May 2017) exploring the Shoalhaven River Valley.    

  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

    Elements and minerals lay buried in the landscape tracing diagrams of human activity. Specks of alluvial Gold washed down to the flood plain from worked-out mountain mine shafts; the mineral auras that reveal the long-vanished outlines of farm-buildings and the tell-tale chemical fallout from workplaces. Boyd painted this (mineralised) landscape with colours which were themselves…

  • Oracle


    Sculptural installation with multi-channel audio and video components. Exhibited. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1995 as part of the “Sound in Space” National Sound Art Survey exhibition. Materials. Timber, audio-visual electronics, low frequency audio drivers. Dimension. x4 units @ 3m x 2m x 3m. Installation footprint 10m x 8m x 3m. Videotext. Single channel…

  • Chant


    Materials Bronze, wood, audio electronics, FM radio network. Dimensions Each unit 300mm x 300mm X 1500mm Footprint 3,500mmm x 2,500mm     The essence of all beings is earth, The essence of earth is water, The essence of water are plants, The essence of plants is man, The essence of man is speech, The essence…