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  • Sonus Maris; the concert!

    Sonus Maris; the concert!

    The Sonus Maris project displayed the classic characteristic of ‘creeping features.’ In the time domain, our ‘not so friendly’ viral cousins intervened to turn what might have been a smooth art and science collaboration into a staccato and episodic programme, that saw the work start then stop and, repeat…we struggled on!     In terms…

  • Scribbly Gum Suites

    Scribbly Gum Suites

    The Scribbly gum tree; Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus racemosa and Eucalyptus rossii are found throughout New South Wales coastal plains and hills in the Sydney region. These Eucalypts are easily identifiable by the graphic scribbles created under their smooth yellow-grey bark by the larva of the Ogmograptis racemosa scribbly gum moth caterpillars. The gum-tree stands by…

  • Co-Composition and De-Composition Biological agency as a compositional tool.

    Co-Composition and De-Composition Biological agency as a compositional tool.

    This paper examines a series of creative sound-works which combine human and biological agents to re-mix, create and re-invent musical scores. The central concept is to consider Genes, Memes and Musical notation as parallel mnemonic structures that function as instructions for the fleshing-out of life across temporal barriers. GeneMusiK and associated works Under the IceCap…

  • Sonus Maris

    Sonus Maris

    The Brain is wider than the Sky For put them side by side The one the other will contain With ease and You, beside The Brain is deeper than the sea For hold them Blue to Blue The one the other will absorb As Sponges, Buckets do The Brain is just the weight of God…

  • Culturescape.


    Where Science Meets Art – the CultureScape book. Finally the book detailing the four year When Science meets Art research project has been published. You can read a version of the Culturescape book here. The beautifully illustrated hardcopy version is available via the Bundanon Trust online shop.

  • SPPS


    SPPS_for ISEA Papers:s

  • Landscape/Portrait


    An exhibition at the Macquarie University Gallery (March ~ May 2017) exploring the Shoalhaven River Valley.    

  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

    Elements and minerals lay buried in the landscape tracing diagrams of human activity. Specks of alluvial Gold washed down to the flood plain from worked-out mountain mine shafts; the mineral auras that reveal the long-vanished outlines of farm-buildings and the tell-tale chemical fallout from workplaces. Boyd painted this (mineralised) landscape with colours which were themselves…

  • BioLogging Retrofit

    The ‘Under the Icecap‘ art and science collaboration aims to illuminate the fundamental connection between human activities and planetary dynamics, by creating an experimental installation and performance series that will visualise and sonify scientific and statistical datasets. In essence Under the IceCap renders complex environmental bio-logging data-sets collected by Southern Elephant Seals on their under-ice…

  • Under the Icecap

    Under the IceCap. Dr. Nigel Llwyd William Helyer and Dr. Mary-Anne Lea Maquarie University & University of Tasmania Contact: Dr. Helyer https://www.sonicobjects.com Contact: Dr Mary-Anne Lea http://www.imas.utas.edu.au/people/profiles/current-staff/mary-anne-lea Abstract. Under the IceCap is one of a series of creative outcomes resulting from the Bio_Logging Art + Science project  at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic…