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  • Sonus Maris; the concert!

    Sonus Maris; the concert!

    The Sonus Maris project displayed the classic characteristic of ‘creeping features.’ In the time domain, our ‘not so friendly’ viral cousins intervened to turn what might have been a smooth art and science collaboration into a staccato and episodic programme, that saw the work start then stop and, repeat…we struggled on!     In terms…

  • Bed-time reading

    Bed-time reading

      Editions Sonique invites you to download a series of texts that have been sized for mobile devices. Some of these are published as hardback books and many are available as epubs (on Apple books) or as larger Pdf files on the Internet Archive.  AlphaBravoCharlie and The Deluge Ark(ive) are also dedicated websites (see splash…

  • Echo and Narcissus; and the contest for aural space.

    Echo and Narcissus; and the contest for aural space.

    Here is the essay Echo and Narcissus; and the contest for urban space, as a PDF formatted for mobile devices – read it instead of doing Wordle! In this article, I invite you to journey through the Sonic Commons, a resonant and contested geography, that encompasses shared human sonic experiences, public, private, and those imagined…

  • Virtual talking in 2020

    Here are two short video presentations given at the TTT conference (virtually in Wien, Austria 2020) Tracing Silence; Ecocide and Omnicide Co-composition and De-Composition; Biological Agency as a Compositional Tool.

  • Tracing Silence; Ecocide and Omnicide.

    Tracing Silence; Ecocide and Omnicide.

    Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein. Nietzsche, Beyond good and Evil 1886 In the words of the ancient Chinese proverb, May you live in interesting times! — and it would appear that we do — a time in which centuries of accumulative environmental degradation forms a…

  • The Sound of Place; Environmental Artworks at Bundanon.

    The Sound of Place; Environmental Artworks at Bundanon.

    This essay by Nigel Helyer and John Potts listens to the sound of place: of Bundanon, a three thousand acre property in the Shoalhaven river valley in rural NSW, Australia. Bundanon is today an artists’ colony and education centre, following the gift to the Australian people in 1993 of the entire property—including homestead, artist studio…

  • Co-Composition and De-Composition Biological agency as a compositional tool.

    Co-Composition and De-Composition Biological agency as a compositional tool.

    This paper examines a series of creative sound-works which combine human and biological agents to re-mix, create and re-invent musical scores. The central concept is to consider Genes, Memes and Musical notation as parallel mnemonic structures that function as instructions for the fleshing-out of life across temporal barriers. GeneMusiK and associated works Under the IceCap…

  • IceCap and GeneMusiK

    IceCap and GeneMusiK


  • EcoLocated: Art Science and the Environment.

    A recent interview between John Potts and Nigel Helyer, download the PDF from Material Thinking EcoLocated; Art, Science and the Environment.

  • McMahon Interview

    Listening in Melissa McMahon bugs Nigel Helyer. Nigel Helyer is an English-born, Sydney-based sound artist, lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, and co-founder of SoundCulture, a Pan-Pacfific organisation focusing on sound art. Helyer’s work is of an essentially composite, or in his words “pluridisciplinary”, character, in the sense that not only does any given…