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  • Scribbly Gum Suites

    Scribbly Gum Suites

    The Scribbly gum tree; Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus racemosa and Eucalyptus rossii are found throughout New South Wales coastal plains and hills in the Sydney region. These Eucalypts are easily identifiable by the graphic scribbles created under their smooth yellow-grey bark by the larva of the Ogmograptis racemosa scribbly gum moth caterpillars. The gum-tree stands by…

  • Gyro-Diva


    Exhibited. Artspace, Sydney 1993, Gallery X, Tokyo 1993, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland 1994. Materials. Turbines, mahogany and steel, support system, yacht wire and aluminium, compressor and air control equipment, x4 stools, music stand with “Ionisation” by Edgar Varese, x3 mechanical toys in oil baths on steel supports. Dimensions. Installation footprint – 4m x 8m x3m.…