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  • The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past.

    The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past.

    The exhibition The Past is our Future; The Future is our Past is the outcome of an Artist in Residence with the Broken Hill City Art Gallery undertaken during 2021 and 2022 (with several interruptions by Covid19). The project builds on my longstanding relationship with the mining boom town and its layered history. The project –…

  • The Sound of Place; Environmental Artworks at Bundanon.

    The Sound of Place; Environmental Artworks at Bundanon.

    This essay by Nigel Helyer and John Potts listens to the sound of place: of Bundanon, a three thousand acre property in the Shoalhaven river valley in rural NSW, Australia. Bundanon is today an artists’ colony and education centre, following the gift to the Australian people in 1993 of the entire property—including homestead, artist studio…

  • Culturescape.


    Where Science Meets Art – the CultureScape book. Finally the book detailing the four year When Science meets Art research project has been published. You can read a version of the Culturescape book here. The beautifully illustrated hardcopy version is available via the Bundanon Trust online shop.

  • LandFall


    LandFall is situated in the marina of Port Coogee, Western Australia and responds to the history of the wreck of the Omeo that lies close to the shore. The Omeo was built in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1858 as an iron steamship, but was later converted to sail.  She was lost in a storm on the Western…

  • A Dissimulation of Birds

    A Dissimulation of Birds

    Our capacity to communicate, and more so our ability to sing is directly related to our intimate evolutionary relationship with the acoustic genius of birds. Our species has internalised and evolved the trills and warbles of birdsong to form language and music. A Dissimulation of Birds pays homage to the virtuosity of our feathered friends…

  • Landscape/Portrait


    An exhibition at the Macquarie University Gallery (March ~ May 2017) exploring the Shoalhaven River Valley.    

  • BioPods_V2 The Nebuchadnezzar Suite

    BioPods_V2; The Nebuchadnezzar Suite is the second contribution from the Where Science Meets Art ARC project to the Bundanon Trust SiteWorks programme.  The thematic for Siteworks 2015 is Feral and the three Biomorphic sculptures can be considered as Biology turned feral as Sculpture or naturally Sculpure turned feral as Biology.   The works on the…

  • NomansLanding

    The NomansLanding project is created by five international artists; Robyn Backen (Australia) Andre Dekker (Netherlands) Graham Eatough (Scotland) Nigel Helyer (Australia) and Jennifer Turpin (Australia)  and jointly developed by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Glasgow Life and Urbane Künste Germany, Nomanslanding made its debut at Darling Harbour in April 2015, and later featured at the Ruhrtrienniale…

  • BioPod

    The BioPods project was developed for the Bundanon Trust annual Siteworks 2014 festival but is also the debut project of When Art meets Science a three year ARC (Australian Research Council) project conducted between the artist and cultural and environmental researchers at Macquarie University; with The Bundanon Trust and the Australia Council for the Arts…

  • Architecture for Bees; Bees for Architecture

    Architecture for Bees and Bees for Architecture is a three day workshop at the Kaisanemi Botanical Gardens, Helsinki, Finland offered by Australian artist Dr. Nigel Helyer as part of the ongoing Melliferopolis urban bee project. Architecture for Bees and Bees for Architecture is a project that considers the architectural capacities and potentials of colonial bees…