Month: June 2021

  • Sounds and Sweet Airs

    Sounds and Sweet Airs

    Sounds and Sweet Airs is part of a long-term web project Soniferous Cities; Islands of Sound that experiments with the creation of sonic cartographies. The project which is part of the Ă–res21 Summer Exhibition aims to create rich interactive audio-portraits of a range of geographies, environments and communities. Sounds and Sweet Airs links sites on…

  • Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame is a novel that explores the relationship between Cinema and the Afterlife. Set in a ‘soft’ post-environmental apocalypse the narrative features a set of semi-feral youths who also happen to be avid Cinephiles who attend the last functioning Cinema in the world. The Orpheum Cinema is managed by a mysterious group of Greek…

  • Scribbly Gum Suites

    Scribbly Gum Suites

    The Scribbly gum tree; Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus racemosa and Eucalyptus rossii are found throughout New South Wales coastal plains and hills in the Sydney region. These Eucalypts are easily identifiable by the graphic scribbles created under their smooth yellow-grey bark by the larva of the Ogmograptis racemosa scribbly gum moth caterpillars. The gum-tree stands by…