Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame is a novel that explores the relationship between Cinema and the Afterlife. Set in a ‘soft’ post-environmental apocalypse the narrative features a set of semi-feral youths who also happen to be avid Cinephiles who attend the last functioning Cinema in the world. The Orpheum Cinema is managed by a mysterious group of Greek exiles, who appear to have immortal status. The narrative is constructed around a series of classic films and structured as a script.

Freeze Frame is available on the Apple Book Store and will also be released as limited edition Artists Book [enquiries to DrSonique sonique1 {at}]

ISBN: 978-0-9872463-4-9

Published by Sonic Objects; Sonic Architecture

And although I would love you to buy a digital version, I would love you to read it even more, so Freeze Frame is also available gratis on the community library of the wonderful Internet Archive.


And here is a Freeze Frame(mobile version) with a new cover!



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