The sound in this site

It is ironic that the website of a Sound Artist contains very little audio material.  This is, of course, intentional, the principal reasons being that I place a strong emphasis on the experience of a work in-situ, mediated as it is by the environmental context and the listening trajectory of the viewer/auditor.  Secondly, the majority of these projects are multi-source environments, often operating with interactive or dynamic elements that are virtually impossible to represent as a linear stereo field.

A method I have adopted, that in some part overcomes such problems of Audio representation of complex sound installations, is to develop parallel Radiophonic projects.  These Radio works are designed to give a general impression of the content and intention of the Installations whilst recognising the linear and more narrative form of stereo broadcast.

A range of ‘Sonic Archives’ may be ordered directly via this site for research and/or educational purposes.