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  • Die Melodie der Welt; Bringing Home the Bacon

    Die Melodie der Welt; Bringing Home the Bacon

    Exhibited. “The Bicentennial Perspecta” – AGNSW. Materials. Steel, Timber, Audio electronics. Dimensions. 3.5m x 10m diameter. A multi source sound sculpture constructed in Timber and Steel. Notes. Die Melodie was a very large sound-structure (mixing a strong kinesthetic and sculptural statement with a high level of culturally located audio-texts). Die Melodie der Welt; Bringing home…

  • Aura


    Exhibited. Annandale Galleries, Sydney 1993. Materials. Voltaic circuit in x21 Scientific Flasks, electro-magnet, Statuette of Ganesha, a Hindu deity. Support structure, Aluminium and yacht wire, x2 Aluminium stepladders, framed objects. Dimensions. 13m x 4.5m x 4.5m. Notes. My approach to the sonic domain has always been informed by a Sculptor’s perspective, emphasising the experiential and…

  • Sample Content Of Radio Works as MP3

    Some old favourites, mostly radiophonic accompaniments to sound installations and environmental projects.

  • Big Bell Beta

    Exhibited. Element #1: – Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Western Australia 1989/1990. Element #2: – Big Bell (ghost) town, Western Australia 1989/1990. Materials. Element #1: – Big Bell structure; Structural Plywood, Sound cone, voice sound-text. Element #1: – Drawings; Wax and Pigment on both paper and timber panels. Element #2: – Big Bell Audio Installation;…

  • Chant


    Materials Bronze, wood, audio electronics, FM radio network. Dimensions Each unit 300mm x 300mm X 1500mm Footprint 3,500mmm x 2,500mm     The essence of all beings is earth, The essence of earth is water, The essence of water are plants, The essence of plants is man, The essence of man is speech, The essence…

  • Ariel


    Exhibited. Lux Gallery, London UK 2000 and Australian Centre for Photography, Melbourne 2000. Materials. Laser cut acrylic, copper wire, Theremin electronics. Dimensions. Footprint variable, individual units 0.75m x 0.6m dia. Notes. Be nor afeared; the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments…

  • GeneMusik – Sounds for Lower Life Forms

    GeneMusik – Sounds for Lower Life Forms

    Exhibited. Under development. Materials. Music and E. Coli Bacteria. Dimensions. Microscopic. Notes. The year 2002 – GeneMusiK – is an experimental biological music mixing and generating system currently under development by Dr Nigel Helyer at the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia under the aegis of ‘SymbioticA’. This was the start…