Radio Works: Order CD

Examples of the Audio components of many Installations and/or their associated Radio broadcasts may be ordered as either AIFF or MP3 files on Audio CDR.


These limited edition discs are supplied with a printed label and sleeve identification.

Orders should be placed via email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the words “Sonic Archive” in the subject heading.

A cheque or International Money Order of AUD$25.00 for each disc ordered plus an additional amount of AUD$5.00 for postage and packing should be mailed to;

Dr. Nigel Helyer, 18/40 Roslyn Gardens, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 Australia.

Disc 01. WaterSpiel, Radiowork (with Agnes Charlesworth).
Working with an Aboriginal friend in the outback and an American Indian on the Pacific Coast this work weaves a narrative about opur vital relationship with water.

Disc 02. Bell Transfer, Radiowork.
A project that collected the sounds of Bells and time markers from around the Globe, compressing time into a hectic one hour sonic collage.

Disc 03. You Can’t Speak English to Buddha, Radiowork.
Working directly with Vietnamese refugee school kids to examine cultural difference and diversity.

Disc 04. Semi-Automatic Writing, Radiowork (with Rhys Cumbers).
A radiophonic opera (see Siren for full details).

Disc 05. Metamorphoses, Installation audio sampler.
The “Master Disc” from the Metamorphoses installation.

Disc 06. Metamorphoses Installation Radiowork.
A radiophonic encapsulation of the Metamorphoses installation that includes a lecture on insect sound, a terrifying piano lesson and some vintage insecticide ads!

Disc 07. The Transit of Venus Installation Audio (with Simo Alitalo).
A stereo version of the multi-track 3D spatial audio realised for KIASMA in Helsinki.

Disc 08. The Transit of Venus Radiowork (with Simo Alitalo).
A radiophonic version of the Transit of Venus project realised for KIASMA in Helsinki that expands the narratives behing the work.

Disc 09. Ship to Shore, Installation audio sampler.
A combination of the installation audio that was broadcast from a bouy floating outside the Tate North in Liverpool, together with a sampling of short radio works produced for the BBC.

Disc 10. Drift, Installation audio sampler.
A stereo version of the 3D spatial audio installation material from the fish hold of the “Artic Corsair”!

Disc 11. Dual Nature, Installation audio sampler.
A sampler of the installation content that whispers from the steel hulks of the “Dual Nature” sculpture on Sydney’s waterfront.

Disc 12. Oracle, Installation audio sampler.
An extract from the installation audio, part of the Sound in Space project at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Disc 13. Loup de loop (EMF recordings).
A composition drawn from Electro Magnetic Field recordings made on the Elevated Railway (the EL) in Chicago.

Disc 14. Silent Forest Installation Audio (with Tony MacGregor).
Extracts from the multi-source audio installation master disc.

Disc 15. Silent Forest Radiowork (with Tony MacGregor).
A radiophonic version of the Silent Forest project made for ABC Radio Sydney and KPFA Berkley.

Disc 16. La Zona del Silencio ~ La Campana (with Tony MacGregor).
A radiophonic version of the La Zona del Silencio project made for ABC Radio Sydney, programme_01.

Disc 17. La Zona del Silencio ~ La Zona (with Tony MacGregor).
A radiophonic version of the La Zona del Silencio project made for ABC Radio Sydney, programme_02.

Disc 18. The Naughty Apartment, Installation audio sampler.
A stereo version of the interactive sound installation.

Disc 19. Seed, Installation audio sampler.
A stereo version of the interactive sound installation.

Disc 20. Host ~ DVD.
A DVD showing the Host project, replete with a lecture on Insect sexuality and about 200 live Crickets!

Disc 21. Sonic Sampler ~ DVD.
A mkixed bag of video documents.

Disc 22. Virtual Voices;Ghostriders in the sky (PP presentation).
A pyrotechnik romp through the archeology of electricity, showmanship and why Science and Art are pretty similar!

Print 23. Big Bell Beta.
A monograph produced in conjunction with an AIR at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) with essays by Noel Sheridan, Tony Bond and the Artist.