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  • Die Melodie der Welt; Bringing Home the Bacon

    Die Melodie der Welt; Bringing Home the Bacon

    Exhibited. “The Bicentennial Perspecta” – AGNSW. Materials. Steel, Timber, Audio electronics. Dimensions. 3.5m x 10m diameter. A multi source sound sculpture constructed in Timber and Steel. Notes. Die Melodie was a very large sound-structure (mixing a strong kinesthetic and sculptural statement with a high level of culturally located audio-texts). Die Melodie der Welt; Bringing home…

  • Aura


    Exhibited. Annandale Galleries, Sydney 1993. Materials. Voltaic circuit in x21 Scientific Flasks, electro-magnet, Statuette of Ganesha, a Hindu deity. Support structure, Aluminium and yacht wire, x2 Aluminium stepladders, framed objects. Dimensions. 13m x 4.5m x 4.5m. Notes. My approach to the sonic domain has always been informed by a Sculptor’s perspective, emphasising the experiential and…

  • Ariel


    Exhibited. Lux Gallery, London UK 2000 and Australian Centre for Photography, Melbourne 2000. Materials. Laser cut acrylic, copper wire, Theremin electronics. Dimensions. Footprint variable, individual units 0.75m x 0.6m dia. Notes. Be nor afeared; the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments…

  • Wunch


    Time travel can be fun and instructive – here is a glimpse my first professional international solo exhibition, exhibited in 1980 at the Galerie Marina Dinkler in Berlin. Marina was a large and outgoing character, who arrived to greet me at the gallery entrance on a scooter that she used to zoom from the rear…