Month: February 2007

  • WA Marine Facility ~ Ondes

    Ondes Ondes is a public art commission for a new Marine facility at Henderson WA. The work is comprised of three elements; an outdoor kinetic work, consisting of six counter-balanced needles which interact with the wind; a series of interactive biomorphic sculptures that react to human movement via changes in their internal lighting and a…

  • AudioMaze


  • Quint de Loup II

    [dropcap character=”Q”]uint de Loup II was exhibited at the Tin Sheds Gallery, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Sydney.   Fictionalising Fiction! ~ Nigel Helyer. [dropcap character=”I”]n the beginning: As a thirteen year old lad I was once left to kick my heels for the day in central London, along with a couple of friends. …