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No Mans Land refers to the impasse, the place no one dares traverse, the gap of fear and uncertainty between two sides of tentative safety –a memory, a metaphor inherited from the impossible stand off of World War 1 trench warfare.

How can this empty space, this vacuum of devastation be poetically reimagined?


Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird. Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich...


Eine Kleine GeneMusiK

GeneMusiK rides Again!

The GeneMusiK project had its origins in 2003 during a three month Artist in Residence hosted by the SymbioticA lab at the University of Western Australia.  At that time I worked in the Department of Agricultural Sciences with Dr Gary Cass on the conceptual and biological framework of a system that would allow music to be encoded into DNA sequences. This genetic material would subsequently be re-mixed within the plasmid DNA of bacteria and...


Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is a new eight channel sound installation commissioned for SiteWorks by the Bundanon Trust.  The work is installed in the music room of the old Homestead and incorporated the Steinway piano.

A short documentary video of Milk and Honey (put together by Mike Leggett) that shows the disposition of the audio actuators.

A Land of Milk and Honey from Bundanon Trust on Vimeo.

A land flowing with Milk and Honey the phrase from Exodus that describes the...


Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow is a twelve channel audio sculpture currently on exhibition in Istanbul as part of ISEA 2011 ~ and here is a link to my individual page.

The work is presented as an interactive audio sculpture in the form of a dinner table set with twelve Willow Pattern plates.  Each plate is treated to show only a fragment of the original pattern, in such a manner that the entire set combines to form the complete image.  In turn each plate is mounted on a Solid Drive...



M.A.R.I.N. made its debut at ISEA2009 Belfast in August 2009. This first expedition, the “Irish Sea EcoLocated Residency”, focused upon Littoral cultures: how marine ecologies close to human settlements are perceived by scientists and local communities, and how our art & science research team will introduce new cultural strategies to interlace them.


The MARIN vessel in Belfast harbour.

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This first collaborative residency aboard the MARIN craft,...



During 2008 Nigel held the ABC Radiophonic Fellowship and developed a project entitled GhosTrain that deals with memories (and amnesia) surrounding Sydney’s Eveleigh Railyards.

The first stage of the GhosTrain project created a series of short Radio Broadcasts and a Podcast website focused upon the Redfern Locomotive & Eveliegh Carriage Works.  The project addressed the oral histories and acoustic ecologies of Industrial culture.  The second stage developed this content...


The Wireless House

The Wireless House is a public art project commissioned by the City of Sydney as part of the Glebe Point Road upgrade.  The wireless House is located in Foley park at the intersection of Glebe Point Road and Pyrmont Bridge road and has an interesting history.


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Listen to some oral history material that we have collected in Glebe

and while you are at it…listen into some audio fragments that make up the huge oral history archive that the Wireless...


KellerRadioActive at IASKA

KelleRadioActive ~ IASKA (October ~ December 2005).

The history of broadcast media and communications technology have developed at an alarming pace over the last century and it is easy to forget the central role that radio has played in rural Australian communities, both as a form of entertainment and as a vital link.


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A few audio file fragments from the automatic radio station.

The residency at The International Art Space Kellerberrin...


Ship to Shore

A marine sound installation for the Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK, and accompanying radio broadcasts.

Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK as part of ISEA 1998.

Marine Buoy + audio/electronics.

Buoy 3m x 2m diameter.
Sonic footprint variable.
Soundtext x2 Audio Cd in random shuffle loop mode + Broadcast.

Radio Broadcast; x12 broadcasts of x5 minutes duration, stereo for bbc radio.

A project proposal ~ Ship to Shore seeks to raise...



Sculptural installation with multi-channel audio and video components.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1995 as part of the “Sound in Space” National Sound Art Survey exhibition.

Timber, audio-visual electronics, low frequency audio drivers.

x4 units @ 3m x 2m x 3m.
Installation footprint 10m x 8m x 3m.

Single channel continuous 45 minutes duration in French/English distributed to x4 output sources.



TAG : social history

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