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Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is a new eight channel sound installation commissioned for SiteWorks by the Bundanon Trust.  The work is installed in the music room of the old Homestead and incorporated the Steinway piano.

A short documentary video of Milk and Honey (put together by Mike Leggett) that shows the disposition of the audio actuators.

A Land of Milk and Honey from Bundanon Trust on Vimeo.

A land flowing with Milk and Honey the phrase from Exodus that describes the...


Law of the Tongue

The Law of the Tongue ~ or the Sonic Whale.

He who fights the monster should be careful lest he thereby becomes a monster.  And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze into thee.

Frederick Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

The Sea and superstition go hand in hand. For centuries sailors unwittingly sensing the song of the Whale through their wooden hulled ships thought them Ghosts of the deep and despite the thousands of close encounters in the Whale hunt...



VoxAEther has recently been on exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane and as part of the Asian Art Biennale at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan.  The work consists of four laser cut sculptural forms based upon the morphology and symmetry of microscopic Radiolaria, countless billions of which live in our oceans.  At their nucleus each work contains Theremin electronics activated by the radial antennae that encircle the objects.


3D model, Cylinder...



I’m a Nomad not a Drifter, being Adrift is of course a different kettle of fish, as it implies an active surrender to the vagaries of the elements, be they maritime or psychological ~ I usually go for both!


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The Adrift project was conceived and realised for the Memory Flows exhibition at the CarriageWorks in Sydney and comprised of two sounding vessels. My trusty sea kayak “Siika” pressed into sonic-service, equipped with a “Solid-Drive” transducer...


Preaching to the Converter

AGNSW Perspecta, 1985.

Materials Triwall Cardboard, Velvet, Cast Iron

Dimensions 7m x 3m x 3.5m


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Notes A stage set of gigantic proportions, or rather a normal room viewed from the prespective of a child.  Castles and reverbatory furnaces, a liquid river of molten steel, or is it blood, flowing from the maw of a Bessemer Converter.  Bouyant on its surface hundreds of pistols in rusty cast iron bob along towards a Throne setting surmounting...


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Virtual Spirit

Watch This Space, Alice Springs, 1996.

Materials. Steel wrenches, Copper Antennae, Scientific Glassware, Grubs.

Dimensions 10m x 3m x 3m.

My approach to the sonic domain has always been informed by a Sculptor’s perspective, emphasising the experiential nature of sound that links sonic events to the dynamic, material eventsthat produce them, as well as to the architectures and environments that contain and propagate them.The current work “Interferences”...


An Unrequited Place

Year : 1992

Exhibited. As part of the Working in Public project, John Barrett-Lennard and ArtSpace, Sydney, 1992.

Materials. Steel Bell, Performer, Radiophonic Broadcast.

Dimensions. 25m x 12m overall installation ~ performance space with Nationwide live broadcast at Midnight for 21 days.


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Notes. The Story so far…Catalogue text for Working in Public.

Field Notes from An UnRequited Space.

I found a small transistor…sometimes I get batteries as...


Voyages from Eden to Utopia; Hercules

Year : 1984


Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK (1984)


Section 1, Vessel elements: pit fired/blackened earthenware.

Section 2: - Pillars:  wood and metal-lath armature with raw clay cladding (air dried).

Section 3: - Vessel/lamp elements:  copper foil, stoneware; paraffin lights.


Overall floor Coverage: 14m x 8m (112m2)
Section 1: - Max. linear dimension 20cm (x220 elements)
Section 2: - 3.30m x 1.20m dia. at base (x2)
Section 3:...


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A Sound-sculpture installation located in two sites.

Exhibited. The Muu Galerie, Helsinki, Finland and at the Cholera Basin, Helsinki Harbour 1996.

Materials. x2 Bronze Bells, x32 Voltaic cells and electronic circuits, audio equipment with ISDN telephone line. Zinc wall texts.

Dimension. Gallery installation :- 6m x 6m, Harbour installation :- variable.

Toll. This project was realised in the Muu Galerie, Helsinki, October 1996 as part of the “Sounds From Elsewhere”...


A Symphony for Other Cultures


The Performance Space, Sydney, 1987.

Materials. Section 1: - Pipe element: Rough sawn Oregon timber, Plywood, Steel fittings and industrial turbine.

Section 2: - Fan corridor: x 2 industrial turbines on timber mounts.

Section 3: - Bell element: Raw clay over wood and expanded metal armature, with plywood mould board attached.

Dimensions. Section 1: - 7m x 2m x 1.5m.

Section 2: - 2m x 2m x 1m (each unit).

Section 3: - 3.5m x 3m dia.

Notes. A Symphony...


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